Sunday, August 4, 2013

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 "As many of you know, R and I were so distracted with hospice care for my mother that we fell very far behind in our DD relationship. Now that we are back on track due to a change in attitude and the use of alternate locations, we are faced with a veritable backlog of offences. Now normally R is very clear on keeping misbehaviors clearly accounted for. Even at times in the past where a few issues had accrued before we had a chance to execute a punishment, she would very clearly administer a full separate spanking for each offense......." 

"I came across the following link on another site
a couple of days ago but have only just had time to read the article. Whilst many of you are unlikely to experience the level of subspace described, one or two of you have described being in subspace to some degree. I therefore thought this article might be of general interest.............."

"As either a Top or sub, do you ever feel amused by either your sub's or your own "spanking predicament".......i.e. an adult who for whatever reason, placed themselves in punitive jeopardy and now must live with the real consequences to that decision?..........."

 'A Domestic Discipline Society: Defending Domestic Discipline'

 "Recently a horrible interview was conducted that went insanely viral, spreading misleading and completely misguided information. The ignorance, intolerance and lack of research is disturbing. None of the so called "reporters" did any research and each one basically copy/pasted what the last one wrote instead of doing any investigation or reporting of their own...............................". 

  'So what about an HoH's needs?!'
" In simplistic terms, she was actually being selfish by her insistence on looking after her Dom/Master whether he liked it or not.........

The good old days (or not?)

"The 1950s model household. Did it really exist?........................."

 Erotic versus discipline

 "After a long drawn out discussion where I (stubbornly or steadfastly depending on pov) insisted that i dont get erotic spankings, I came to the conclusion that it all depends on the meaning of it. Probably almost all my spankings are erotic a little bit even when thats not the purpose because the whole ritual is......"


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