Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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"Guess who got caught up at 3 am last night or more appropriately this morning.........."

A poster wonders how to handle some  unusual events that have thrown his generally equitable marriage into temporary confusion.....

(The full discussion may be read on the forums as usual, but, to protect the privacy of the poster and his wife,I have not quoted it here)

"Hey all. It's been a while since I've been here.....in fact I know exactly the last time.....October 6th in a chat with Ros and Angela. I went over my allotted time and confessed. This is my first laptop use since. In addition, the time overage confession led to a lengthy discussion of why I went over and how I felt that due to a lot of factors I was feeling lax about obedience. One thing led to another and I brought up the topic of Boot Camp......something that is mentioned here a lot that I have never experienced but understand. She understood it too and thought it would be a good way to get us back into the proper mindsets......" 

"He sees it as bad....

I suppose perhaps DD isn't for him. he says there are practices he sees as useful. but he doesn't feel it's ok to punish his partner. I feel like he doesn't understand me. and now he's feeling in a sensellike he's lost me. no matter how much I go to him, he's distant. he's barely touched me in over a week. and pulls away when i get close or touchy. he says he feels like he had to change.. to become serious and that he now doesn't relate to anyone."

"This just recently came up and wanted to get advice from both sides last night i was punished because i have been a bit bratty lately and have been a bit distracted when driving...................

The problem arose last night with my asthma acting up and i almost had an asthma attack we do not want to use safe words and have not had to yet and he even noticed i was distressed last night and slowed up. Can someone suggest ways to get around the safe word and yet be able to practice DD safely with this problem?..........." 

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