Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This week's trending topics on the 'D & L' forums


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When did you know that you liked to be spanked?

"Last night, Jason and I were talking about my desire to be spanked. He'd been reading DD blogs and he said, "Do you think you are a 'dyed-in-the-wool' spanko?" Without batting an eyelash, I said, "Absolutely."

He was surprised and said, "Really? You wanted me to spank you earlier in our marriage?" I said, "Gosh, totally." It was ten years of marriage before I asked him to spank me (though then it was the sexy kind).........."

Comfort with HOHs' Decisions

"In chat last night, one woman who is just beginning DD with her husband expressed discomfort and a lack of readiness to put the final decision-making in the hands of her husband.

What are your experiences/thoughts on that subject?

If it was ever a problem, how did you work it out?

Does that discomfort ever totally disappear?

Have you sensed your partner's discomfort concerning this issue?

How do/did you deal with it?.........."

Domestic Discipline and Parenting

"I've searched high and low this weekend. For information others have shared on how they handled starting DD in a home with young ch*ldren. I'm struggling at times with settling into my tih role where our ch*ldren are concerned. Keeping my assertiveness so as not to lose my authority when he is away, without overstepping him when he is present........."

Handling the implement

"A few times, to seriously make a point, Jason has had me fetch an implement.

Oh my goodness is this ever effective.

One time, he had me get the hairbrush, hand it to him, then go sit on the end of the bed and think about what I did and how I'd prevent it from happening again.

One time during a stress relief spanking he just wasn't really getting through to me and he said, "Do I need to get the brush?" (the brush is harder on me than even the belt or paddle or loopy johnny) and I said, in this little teeny voice, "I think so maybe." He said, "No, YOU Need to go get it." Gulp. But that wasn't even for a punishment!..........."

On the spot

"The waiting or right now thread had me thinking.

Some things I think of as on the spot quick reminders.

Not deserving a full punishment but a quick reminder to not get any farther out of hand.

For some things this is just a quick word, that look in the eye of watch your step. At times it might be a single hard swat over her jeans more as a warning, sometimes almost in play.

But it is always something meant to warn or remind that she is treading on thin water so to speak.

DO any others have this thought of on the spot corrections as part of the DD.

In the military this would be the type of correction that they assign push ups for and such.

Argue about it and you can get in more trouble something short to adjust the mindset is the goal........"

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