Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sunday 22nd June, 2014. Chat Preview

Grateful thanks to EsMay of the "Submitting to be Led" Blog, who was instrumental in pulling 'Discipline & Love's' weekly Sunday topic led chat out of the doldrums and giving it structure and interest, but who is no longer able to continue as topic leader. Beginning this week, we are introducing guest topic leaders. If you wish to lead a chat in our off site DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE CHAT ROOM in the future, please contact the site administration on

Our first week's guest topic leader is StevHoH, also known as 'CassysGorilla', who will pose the following questions:

(1)  As a submissive what's the one habit your Dominant partner has not been able to successfully change at this point? 
As the Dominant partner what habit have you had the most trouble changing?

(2)  As a submissive, do you think that this dynamic in terms of conflict resolution, has given you tools to approach conflict outside of your relationship in a better way?

(3)  As a Dominant, has this dynamic improved your ability to handle conflict outside of your home and relationship.

(4)  As a submissive, if for some reason physical punishments were no longer a possibility, do you think you would be able to maintain the same level of submission that you have attained without the threat of being spanked?
Same question posed to the Dominant

(5)  When you look to the future in terms of your current dynamic and it's development is there anything you fear? For example, will it end, will it develop, is it sustainable?

(6)  What's the one thing you would change within the development of your DD D/s relationship if you could? 

On Monday, when the chat is over, the questions will be thrown open for general discussion in the form of a thread on the 'Discipline & Love' forums.

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