Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trending Topics on the 'D & L' forums

 This week's trending topics on the 'Discipline & Love' DD forums.  Click on the topic titles to go to the thread as it is on the forums

How do you define romance?

Just curious what everyone thinks?

When what he wants is not what you want

Help me out, people. I was just reading what Caspar64 was saying in "To submit" thread on the Story Board about the hard part of obedience for her -- it was when you don't want to do what he wants. And you do it, because that's what you chose. Let me tell you, you have to dig deep for that...................... 

DD, D/s, Punishment and Eroticism-How do they fit together?

Based on my own experience and my interaction with others over the past eleven years, I think I can safely say that most couples initially have very genuine practical reasons for introducing DD to their relationships. These are mainly to do with the desire to have an effective tool to help them reduce and deal with areas of conflict and disrespect, provide structure and security and encourage a healthier and safer existence.

However, when you look at things a bit more carefully, I think, for many people, there is a great deal more to it............

 Where are the wallflowers?

I friend and I were having a conversation earlier about the strong women we've encountered in this lifestyle. I've also heard it said that a strong Dom wants a strong sub.


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